Composite Sheet


Type Code Description Weight Approved
CS CS3641 36 x 41 in. (92 x 104 cm) 326.50 Kg. UL/FM
Features & Benefits      
1. Lighter and thinner - approximately 1/2 the weight and thickness of traditional composite sheet.
2. Easier to fabricate - engineered with the installer in mond.
3. Can be cut and installed with common sheet metal tools.
4. Intumescent - expands up to 15 times when exposed to temperatures in excess of 360°F (177°C) compared to 8-10 times for competing brands. Forms a dense insulative char that minimizes heat transfer.
5. Hole reduction - reduces large openings when used in conjuction with other SpecSeal® or EZ-PATH® Firestop Products.
6. Accoustically tested - reduces sound transmission.
1. Medium to large openings through common constructions.
2. Single or multiple cable trays for power, voice, data.
3. Multiple metallic conduits & tubing.
4. Multiple mixed penetrants of many types.
5. Suitable for clean room/ares environment.
6. Combine with the EZ-PATH® System for cable penetrations through large openings.
7. Insulated metallic pipes.
8. Blank openings.
9. Plastic pipes.
10. Metal pipes.
11. Bus ducts.

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