Firestop Mortar : SSM22B


Type Code Description Weight Approved
SSM SSM22B Motar Bag (22 lbs., 10 kilos) 728.25 Kg. UL/FM
Features & Benefits      
1. Light weight/low density - less forming and support required. Easy retrofit!
2. Fast drying - forms come down faster!
3. Economical - highest yield per pound means lower installed cost.
4. Wide range of applications - includes aluminum cable tray.
5. Red color - easy identification and inspection.
6. Chemical adhesion - reduces the need for expensive and time-consuming concrete fasteners.
7. Trowelable or self-leveling.
1. Meduim to large openings through common constructions.
2. Loose cable for power, voice, data.
3. Single or multiple cable trays for power, voice and datd.
4. Bus ducts.
5. Multiple metallic conduits & tubing.
6. Multiple, mixed penetrants of all types.

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