Sealant Type : LCI


Type Code Description Weight Approved
LCI LCI320 20 oz. Sausage (36 cu. in. , 592 ml)  0.72 Kg. UL/FM
LCI305 5 gal. Pail (1,155 cu. in. ,19.0 L) 817.20 Kg. UL/FM
Features & Benefits      
1. Fast-acting intumescences - expands up to 10X.
2. Water based - easy installation, clean up and disposal.
3. Excellent smoke seal.
4. Water resistant - will not re-emulsify when dry.
5. Acoustically tested - reduces noise transmission.
6. Safe - low VOCs. No solvents, non-halogenated.
7. Sandable and paintable (when dry).
1. Metallic pipes, conduits and tubing.
2. Nonmetalic pipes, conduits and tubing.
3. Electrical and electronic cabling including service entrance, power distribution, computer, telephone, and television.
4. Metal duct work including HVAC, bath and dryer vents.
5. Insulated pipes including heating, cooling, and condensation applications.
6. Complete wood floor firestopping package for electrical, plumbing, HVAC, telephone, and television.
7. Construction joints.

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